Heating autonomy in old buildings with calorimeters

There are numerous of buildings in Greece stranded in the old system of central heating and the problems it brings, such as lack of autonomy, unequal distribution of costs, wasted energy and conflicts between tenants.

Solution to these problems comes with the installation of a new system of autonomy heating with calorimeters . The advantages of the calorimeters compared to the old heating systems are

  • Independence as you can turn on the heat whenever you want
  • Saving energy by adjusting the heating in any room and in any temperature you want
  • Saving money by having total control on consumption according to your needs
  • Accuracy in measuring as the meters accurately reflect the calories each apartment consumes
  • Easy and quick installation without having to change radiators

For the conversion from the old central heating to the new autonomous, all residents must first agree for the installation. Our company installs the whole system of autonomy for each department and in the central boiler of the building. In each apartment we install

  • an electronic heating allocator per radiator which tracks the calories its radiator has consumed.
  • a thermostatic head per radiator which regulates the desired temperature for the area in which the radiator is placed.

Finally we place in the central boiler of the building a device compensation and a traffic control device of water pump with INVERTER network.