The natural gas is a natural product, lighter than air, which is not toxic since it does not contain carbon monoxide. In its natural state is odorless, but for the safety of the consumers is enriched with a distinctive odor in order to be perceived in case of leakage.

There is no danger as long as we have good ventilation in areas with natural gas devices. Moreover, there are special safety valves and leak detection systems in order to be safe even if a strong earthquake or a damage to the facility happens.

Natural gas ta home

The natural gas in your home, offers convenience, independence, security and economy. With a sustainable supply of natural gas each house can have constant and independent heat, convenience in housework, controlled supply of hot water without waiting time and economy on many more levels.

Why choose natural gas?

The natural gas has several applications in the home so by using it daily you can benefit in several areas including:

  • Autonomy & usability: Natural gas is available is available is available anytime you want from the already established network. In this way it provides you independence from any system of order-delivery-payment. The installed equipment is easy to use, in result it makes your life more comfortable (hot water at any time of the day you need it).
  • Economy: Natural gas is one of the most economical forms of energy. The difference in price between gas and oil is 20% while in relation to electricity, natural gas is cheaper by 65-70%.
  • Longer life for devices and equipment: The use of natural gas provides reduced maintenance cost and longer life for your devices and furthermore you don't have to byu any other machines like pumps and tanks.
  • Ecological: Natural gas is among the energy forms that do not harm the environment. The burning of gas, compared with that of other fuels such as coal or oil, has less harmful environmental impact because it produces smaller quantities of carbon dioxide per unit of energy and does not contain sulfur compounds that pollute the environment and cause the phenomenon of acid rain.