The term heating for buildings means all equipment, construction, automation, etc., required and provided for transferring heat in different areas of the building in order to meet the heat loss of these sites to the environment and to maintain internal temperature at the desired level of comfort.

The materials we use in our installations are certified and come from well-known suppliers. We take over the installation, maintenance and repair of heating installations. The field of heating plant includes:

Central Heating

We install central heating in buildings, apartment buildings or complexes. The installation consists of the boiler, the burner, the pump, the fuel tank, safety devices, pipes, chimney and radiators. The fuel mainly used in the central heating is oil, natural gas and LPG. The energy is transferred to different rooms via a heating channel (water, steam, air) while the distribution is achieved through a pipe or duct, or a combination of both.

Autonomy Heating

The autonomy heating is actually the automation system installed in heating systems. This allows the independent operation of departments in a central heating. The autonomy heating provides comfort, choice of heating time for each room and less cost.

A autonomy heating consists of the following devices:
  • The thermostats, which control the room temperature.
  • The autonomy valves, which permit or interrupt the passage of hot water at the radiators in the room.
  • The main index of commands, which is an electronic device that analyzes the commands.
  • The hour-counters, which record for each room separately the hours of operation for a fair charge of the consumer. In recent years we use electronic calorimeters, which automatically record the thermal load (calories) consumed in each room.

Boiler Feed System

In a central heating installation, the boiler feed system is an area of the building where one or more boiler feed tanks are located which produce hot water, steam or air for heating the rooms of a building or complex.

In boiler feed system there are installed various components and materials such as boilers, burners, pumps, etc. In several smaller systems there are also installed water heaters. The boiler feed system usually has an oil tank while it is necessary to have drainage and fire safety.